Events & News

Meetings and events for making vegan life easy and fun on campus and beyond 🙂

    • Petition for Mensa
      • Lower price for vegan menu in Mensa am Park (double the price of vegetarian menu and Schnellerteller)
      • To have vegan baked goods in Mensa
      • At least one vegan option in every Mensa
      • Link to the petition
    • Vegan Bake Sale at Campus Augustusplatz
      • TBD; 2nd week of April, 2017
    • Film Evening
      • TBD; 4th week of April, 2017

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Event calendar here. (Including other vegan events in Leipzig e.g. Stammtisch, picnics.. etc)

What to request to Mensa: LINK
Activity plans: LINK